Spotlight on Author Whitney Cason

Q: You’re having Cappuccino at the W Hotel in Chicago. Who is sitting across from you? Michelle Obama? Or Barrack Obama?


A: Michelle Obama; I think she’s hands down one of the most amazing women in the world. 

Q: Who is more interesting? Tyler Perry or Shonda Rhimes? Why?

A: I would have to say Shonda Rhimes. As a female writer I think she is awesome and would love to get to know more about her. 

Q: Would you rather meet the personality of Tyler Perry or Madea?

A: Tyler Perry. I have to meet the man behind the legend that is Madea. 

Q: Who is funnier? Mamma Payne or Madea?

A: Mama Payne in my opinion. 

Q: The year is 2020. What is your favorite TV show? Why?

A: I watch a lot of old stuff, but if I could nail down a favorite show I’ve watched I’d have to say Insecure is one of my favorite shows.  I see a lot of myself in Issa; at times the term “Awkward Black Girl” is spot on for me.  

Q: It’s the perfect Sunday breakfast. What’s on the menu? Don’t leave anything out.

A: Eggs Benedict, bacon, grits, sausage, smoked salmon, biscuits, and MIMOSAS!! You can’t have a good Sunday breakfast without mimosas! 

Q: What is your favorite Leo DiCaprio movie? Why?

A: Wolf of Wall Street; the movie is just awesome, lol. 

Q: Name one or two bad habits that you overcame in the last 20 years?

A: I think my worst habit was telling people what they wanted to hear instead of what they needed to hear.  As I’ve matured I’ve found less and less of a filter.  

Q: You are lovable for so many reason.  Name just one?

A: I have a big heart. 

Q: Are you a dog person or a cat person? Why?

A: I don’t have either; but if I was to get a pet it’d be a dog. I’ve never really been into cats for some reason. 

Q: What is your favorite morning beverage?

A: coffee or a cold Pepsi.  

Q: What gets you out of a bad mood?

–Alcohol and/or drugs?

–Conversation for with a sympathetic person?



–Other (what?)

(List all that apply)

A: conversations with a sympathetic person, binge watching a show I like, writing, meditating, reading and if all else fails, a nice glass of wine. 

Q: What inanimate object can you not live without, not including your phone?

A: a good notebook/pen combo

Q: How can readers contact you?

A: @WhitCason on Twitter or 

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